Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's Tuesday and today is the debut of my weekly blog "Two Cents Tuesday." Throughout the week I will be receiving random emails from different people soliciting my two cents worth of advice on random topics that are affecting their lives in one way or another. The content of this blog may get a little adult from time to time depending on what is being asked of me. I will try not to edit the questions or the advice whenever possible just so we can keep the integrity of the situation.

Well here goes..................

Situation #1

"I have a partner and you have a partner, but we both want each other badly. What do we do?"

Many people come face to face with this situation and I can almost assume that this is not the first time either of you have been at this crossroad before. Without knowing your relationship personally, I can only tackle what I feel here in these words "we both want each other badly." Immediately, LUST comes to my mind. This is nothing more than pure lust that has gotten out of control. You have to weigh the cost of losing everything that you both have invested in your partners for a few moments of passion. Usually, when we want something "badly" it is only for the sake of feeling the satisfaction of temporarily pleasing our flesh. Personally, I feel that you and this person should discontinue any contact with one another and channel the energy you feel for one another into your relationships. To continue to see one another or talk to one another will only fuel the fire because you both will continue to feed the weakness and it will only grow. Start casual conversations with your partners and see what may be lacking at home. There is a root to this situation and the sooner you get down to it the sooner you can cut it off. Remember love requires discipline

Situation #2

"Please explain to me why I can't find a real date. Why is it that 90% of dudes can't get pass the size of my ass and see the rest of me?"

First, I don't know if you were serious when you sent this or not, but I am going to give you two cents anyway (Smile). Never forget that men will be men no matter if they are gay, straight, blind or crazy. If you have a nice behind they are going to notice it. It's the nature of most men. Your response to this behavior dictates what happens next. You can either loosen up and pay it to the wind or you can turn up your nose and don't look back. Finding someone real can be a challenge whether its a real date or a real friend. Good things don't come easy. I will say to you that you shouldnt give up because of a few immature men because you're only looking for one. Trust me, you will know the difference between a lover and a loser.

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