Monday, July 26, 2010

Dance with Me

I just wanted to say a few words about why I do what I do on here. I enjoy writing from my heart. When it comes to expressing how I feel about love and life I am a very transparent writer. However, nothing I write sums up the totality of who I am or what I have been through. Through different things that come from my pen you can gather the pieces of my character and my life, but still only get a portion. The emotions in what I write come from a collection of experiences past and present.

What I like most about the gift that I have is that I am grateful yet wise enough to know that my life is never above what I share. I stand beside everyone that may find themselves connected with what I say. Perfect is not a word that describes me, but progressive ambition looms above my head and I feel it everyday. I am being pushed into greatness and the more I share the more I heal and the more I heal the better I will be.

Everything I write will not be for everyone and I do not intend curve words and thoughts to please anyone. This is my beat. You have the choice to either dance or get off the dance floor.

Welcome to the Voice. I hope that you laugh, cry, love and most importantly HEAL.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Love Junkie, So damn funky
Stone cold monkey, I can’t get off my back
Love Junkie, So damn funky
Stone cold monkey, hard to shake off my jack
Love Junkie, so damn funky
Stone cold monkey, I can’t off my back
Love Junkie, stone cold monkey, here we go.
Angie Stone’s Love Junkie

I really feel that there should be a rehab center for LOVE addicts. You can check yourself into a clinic for alcohol, drugs and even sex, but where can a person go to heal themselves or get clean from an obsession of being in love with the idea of love? Love can be an addictive bad habit. You can feign for a hit or a quick fix of love just like a crack head needs to feel the tingling in their veins. You can long for love like the burning sensation of alcohol to numb the troubles of the world and blur the realities of your life like a drunk on the corner. Your body can make you believe that if you don’t have sex a certain number of times during a week that you will spontaneously explode, (No pun intended) but what about when you have this unhealthy habit of falling in love for all the wrong reasons?

What ties love to these addictive substances and behavior is that sometimes we are unknowingly chasing love. We are looking for that first high that we felt when we first experienced true love; the flutter in our stomach, the moistness in our palms, and the weakness in our knees. Now matter how many times we start over, the feeling is never the same as the first time love penetrated our hearts. We are chasing the feeling of a moment in time when we felt as though we were floating on cloud nine and no matter how great the next person is they never really have a fair chance of winning your soul.

The dictionary says addictions are those things we do habitually and compulsively. Some of use experience reckless love because it becomes a compulsive habit of falling in love. The only way we feel complete is when we feel that we are in love. Love is a wonderful feeling and I have never felt anything better, but falling in love should be a natural feeling that comes after getting to know and understand someone. I personally do not believe in love at first sight. It’s a great and romantic idea, but loving someone just with your eyes is a set up.

Since there is no such place to handle this addiction we have to be responsible for cleaning up on our own. We have to resist the compulsive urge to chase after love. We have to change our habits of how and who we date. We have to be present in love and not in love with past feelings and relationships.

Hi, my name is DemondMaurice and I am a Love Junkie.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Single is The New Relationship

I recently made the statement that being single is the new relationship and it was just a random feeling that came to my head, but the more I thought about it I felt the need to expound on it. The statement was not from a bitter place due to past relationships, but I feel it is a positive step towards reconstruction; an epiphany. Some of us spend so much time investing in relationships with others that we tend to neglect the relationship that we should be nurturing with ourselves. To be clear, I am not suggesting that I am against relationships and that everyone should just be single. What I am suggesting is that maybe if we had better relationships with ourselves we could have better relationships with others.

The same things we invest in others we should invest in ourselves. TRUST- How can you trust someone else when you don’t even trust yourself or the feelings that you have. HONESTY- If you cannot look yourself in the mirror and be honest about what you see inside your reflection then nothing you say to others really matters. RESPECT- No one respects a person that does not respect him or herself. These are just a few things we exhaust ourselves with trying to show and prove to someone else when actually we don’t have them to give because we’ve never authentically developed them. How can you give someone something you don’t even possess?

It is time to change the way we think about being single. Being single does not mean you are alone. Being single does not mean you have failed at love. Being single is a time to reflect, heal and rebuild. Being single is a time to develop your own relationship. Commit to yourself and be the best lover you’ve ever had.