Monday, January 10, 2011


Many people have different sayings about certain things to do and not to do when preparing for a new year. I have heard things like having money in your pocket or not letting a woman come in the house before a man, but the one that seems to be effecting me the most is not having an unclean house. I knew the new year was coming and my room was a mess and the day I should have been cleaning it I decided to get a manicure and pedicure instead. Now I know this may sound silly, but I feel that it is really representing something. I chose to take care of something that everybody will see on the outside instead of taking care of things behind closed doors.

We have completed the first week of the new year and I still have not touched anything in this room other than some laundry because my favorite draws were dirty. I look at this mess everyday and cannot muster up the strength to put things in their proper place which I should have done last year 2010. I allowed this mess to pile up and carry over into the new year.

Well what do you know, my personal life seems just as cluttered. There are some things I knew I should have put in their proper place last year and I did not. I let them sit and continue to pile up into the emotional mess I have today. I know what I have to do, but I have not done it. I am tired of looking at it. I am tired of feeling it. I am tired of expecting some miracle to make it something that it is not going to be.

The sooner I deal with reality the better everything will be. No one is going to come clean my room just like no one is going to clean my life.